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Twin Houses

Twin Houses
The two houses are situated at the highest point of permitted
construction on the mountainside of Dionysos. Due to the slope and
topography of the two buildings they have a 2m leveling difference
which helps to differentiate the levels of the garden and entrance of
each residence. The Twin Houses are identical in order, orientation
and square meters yet each one has its own personality while
maintaining the public areas separately.

Each building consists of three levels: the ground floor consisting of
a  garage, storage and small apartment, the first floor includes the
main entrance, living room, wc, dining room and kitchen and on the
second floor three bedrooms are situated where one of which is a
master bedroom and each subsequent bedroom which has its own bathroom
as well.

One of the main design attributes is the coexistence of the two
buildings among themselves and with the mountains which are situated
behind them.

The materials which were used to build the property are modern and
match the surrounding natural colors from the l andscape so therefore
we used concrete, wood and metal. Furthermore, one large pine tree is
planted on the right side of each balcony of the homes to add a
transitional element from the homes to the mountainside.