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Creative Architectural Studio

The concept for the office was to rethink and reimagine the existing topology of the ordinary office.

The basic elements that give life to an office, such as the desk, the library and the circulation were reexamined .

The ordinary bookcase  with a height of  2m and depth of 35cm was cut in half and fliped to create a  lower double sided bookcase to be positioned in  the middle of the space. Circulation was created around the central low library whose shelves were inclined to enhance the visibility of the books. The perimeter walls were used as pinboard and inspiration area with the application of a special paint that works well with magnets. At the lower part of the perimeter walls, shelving was set in a  triangulated form  to be  used as a display of architecture magazines. A hidden  coffee bar station was  incorporated  in the circular library where guests can enjoy some beverages.