Concept Boarding | Belvedere Hilltop

Belvedere Hilltop

This hotel is located in the island of Mykonos. The goal was to celebrate and emphasize Greek and local traditional elements in the design. This was achieved by introducing elements in the design that unveil the presence of the local cycladic architecture, such as :

  • Arched plaster walls  that divide and unite the space between the bathroom and the bedroom.
  • Traditional marble sinks that lay on plaster counter tops.
  • Reeded marble table tops that are inspired by the old marble floor found in the old house of the property.
  • Marble flooring applied in the garden reminding the pattern commonly found on the flooring of mykonian churches.
  • Signature ceramic lighting sconces refer to  the  Paraportiani church, the Pelecan of Mykonos, the traditional kaiki boats and the mykonian windmills which characterize the island of Mykonos.
  • Ceramic painted  pots with greek motifs  placed in the rooms.
  • Greek buffet furniture incorporated in the design of the rooms.
  • Greek style closets with angled lath  commonly found in the furniture design in many greek islands.
  • Illustrations of Mykonos by Thomas Mcknight as well as Paintings by the greek painter George Tserionis that decorate the rooms
  • Narrow marble pathways that form the sidewalks among the buildings of the property  surrounded by plants that are resistant to the island’s windy climate conditions.