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Architectural Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies begin with site evaluation and analysis to determine the suitability of the site for the project in question. Building code and zoning regulation review follows, to ensure that the proposed project would comply with all applicable codes. Site and building programming is documented to outline the desired interior and exterior spaces and their uses.

Architectural Design

ConceptBoarding provides architectural design for all phases of building projects: initial conceptual design, schematic design as the plans and drawings begin to take shape, and design development as details are finalized.

Site Analysis & Site Selection

ConceptBoarding can conduct site evaluation and analysis to confirm the potential of any site to support a particular project. This includes review of zoning regulations and their impact on the project, an assessment of the infrastructure of on-site and adjacent utilities, and an examination of any existing man-made structures on the site that would impact the proposed project.

Also included in site analysis are natural features such as topography, vegetation, wetlands, and solar orientation. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation in and about the site can also be included for larger projects.

Investor’s representative

ConceptBoarding can provide consulting to foreign companies on how to get better acquainted with the building codes in Greece. We can present to our Clients all the issues related to obtaining the building permits
Typical responsibilities include:
• agreeing project objectives
• representing the client's interest
• providing independent advice on the management of projects
• organising the various professional people working on a project
• making sure that all the aims of the project are met
• making sure the quality standards are met
• recruiting specialists and sub-contractors
• monitoring sub-contractors to ensure guidelines are maintained