Concept Boarding | Luxury Villa in Mykonos

Luxury Villa in Mykonos

ConceptBoarding’s scope of work for the Villa included:

–       Conceptual design

–       Design development

–       Lighting design

–       Project management, meetings with consultants and contractors

–       Placing purchase orders for materials, furniture, textiles

The concept for this villa was to keep the traditional mykonian style and try to enhance it with design details. The materials that are used are stone, wood, metal, plaster and cement. The lighting fixtures which have the form of shells are custom made for this project. The wooden closets are carved and assembled piece by piece by a local carpenter/sculptor in mykonos. The indoor floor is  a stone which is not found in Mykonos but the way this stone is applied in a traditional byzantine pattern creates a very nice aesthetic result and blends very well with the mykonian style. The same marble is used in the bathroom niches, this time it is cut forming mosaic tiles.  Mosaic tiles in irregular shapes are scattered on the bathroom walls as if they were the remains from the old wall.