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About us

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Creative architecture studio

Conceptboarding is an architectural studio based in Greece, which helps foreign designers and investors who want to do business in Greece to get better acquainted with the Local Building Codes and procedures. After years of experience in the construction field, our team of expertise which comes from different backgrounds (architects,engineers,surveyors,mechanical engineers, lawyer and notary) provides our clients with all insider’s information to facilitate them in proceeding with their business plans.

Due to our team’s international background and studies we can communicate very well with foreign clients suggesting them everytime the best way to do work in Greece. Our scope of work includes architecture feasibility studies that also take into consideration the legal issues of the everytime addressed site.

Our work extends to concept design,design development,budget analysis,ffe specifications,resources documentation and purchasing agent services. Our services can be tailored everytime according to our clients needs. Moreover we can recommend to our clients different real estate agencies according to the location they are interested in.

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